NSW firearms storage?

Am i reading this right?
In nsw I won’t need to bolt down a safe, but I’ll need to chain up and trigger lock all guns inside a safe and I need a monitored alarm system regardless of how many guns I have?

I know guys without electricity with gun safes, what are they ment to do?

Oh and I need to alarm the safe and the room It’s in?

@Brett @danmac you guys have a couple of toys in nsw, what do I need to do?

Might help if we knew what type (category) of firearm you are wanting to secure, and how many?

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A good place to start would be here View - NSW legislation (Part 4), and Regulations here View - NSW legislation
, and here Safe Storage - NSW Police Public Site

That’s where I screen shotted the section of regs from that I’m asking for clarification on in the OP.
I think I’ll just go and have a chat to the local DFO.

I believe that you are tying two unrelated provisions together, unless of course your circumstance is that the firearms are stored in a place that is NOT an inhabited dwelling.

28B Requirements relating to safety and storage

(1) The holder of a licence or permit must not store a firearm in a dwelling unless it is an inhabited dwelling.

(2) The holder of a licence or permit must not store a firearm on premises other than a dwelling unless—
(a) the premises are in a proximity to an inhabited dwelling that allows the premises to be easily observed by the holder of the licence or permit, or by a person on behalf of the holder of the licence or permit, from the inhabited dwelling, or
(b) the holder is a licensed firearms dealer and the premises are commercial premises from which the holder carries on the business of, or at which the holder carries on activities as, a firearms dealer, or
(c) the requirements of subclause (3) are complied with.

(3) For the purposes of subclause (2)(c), the requirements are as follows—

In other words, if you are NOT complying with 28B (1) & (2), then 28B (3) applies.

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Yeah mate, I think you’re right.
Thank you

Yeah, if you don’t live there full time it becomes a problem. Too many absentee landlords with hobby farms getting guns stolen ( apparently).

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And then they all lived happily ever after!


Must be a huge sight of relief like at night you oil them up and hug