NSW firearms limits?

Old bloke that works in the local fun shop here in Grafton told me today that the NSW govt want to bring in a 5 gun limit.
@ShootersUnion @NationalShootingCouncil do you guys know anything about this, is it bullshit or should i start looking for a new state to live in?

Make that the United State(s) :us:

Sadly the NSC believes that with Labor governments in power in Canberra and in every State except TAS (and they’re LIB lefties) the WA type restrictions on Firearm limit ownerships is very much on the agenda.

The Federal AG Dreyfuss has publicly stated he wants the amount of firearms in LAFO’s hands restricted and further controlled.

Well I certainly hope this doesn’t get up. Would be catastrophic.

Yeah, it would really suck… :crossed_fingers:

And what is worse in a way we let it happen by letting these sods get to power. I didnt vote for them but maybe there is more I could have done to stop somebody else for voting for them. There is some crazy shit other than guns these loons could do on a power trip.