NRA American Rifleman - Benelli Lupo bolt action.

Throw another three lug plastic bolt action on the barbie, but be gentle with this one. Its kinda nice.

(All copyright to American Rifleman Sep 2020. Published by National Rifle Association of America, Fairfax VA 22030-9400)


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So how is this thing different from any other bolt-action hunting rifle on the market? They’re all pretty much the same thing and have been for decades, IMO.

Gosh, I go to all the trouble of a free read of a gun you’ve never heard of and you just poop in my cereal bowl!

I just thought you all…I mean y’all might like to read something different next time you’re on the can working from home. It’s 100% American so it should help you go No. 2 real fast like.


rolls eyes

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Here ya go @JizzFlinger i’ll throw a bit of love your way. It’s a Benelli so it gets a thumbs up from me…Anything from the family that brought us the M2 & M4 gets an automatic thumbs up!!

Yes there are a ton of bolt action hunting rifles out there, but there are also a ton of 4 door sedans out there, some are Fords and some are Bentleys.

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