not a game - what is this gun


This gun which screams “history” to me rusts away in the back of the safe on one of the properties I am lucky enough to have access to. I’d love to get hold of it an add it to my own collection, but apparently it belonged to the farmers grandfather, and so he is very attached sentimentally to it, but has no idea on make/model…Anybody here able to shed any light on it?


I think British by the looks of what’s left of the proof marks.

There are elements of a British Pattern design in the stock, and the remnants of a Birmingham proof mark. A later commercial lock has been fitted, probably during conversion to civilian/sporting use. Can’t really help any more than that without personal inspection, but one mark is familiar but I can’t place it, will check some old notes on French proof when I get home from work tomorrow. Be a nice wall hanger, Cheers.

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Thanks, that would be greatly appreciated