No5Mk1 stock and modification question

Anyone knows where I can get after market tactical chassis for my No5Mk1; and who can remove the flash hider for me?

If it’s not already “trashed”, why wreck a No5 - have you seen how much they can sell for?
Better to buy a No4 and turn that into whatever you want.

He’s just trying to increase the value of his Mosin buy destroying all other milsurps he can get his hands on, mate. :rofl::wink:

I have a barrel shroud I want to attach to the Jungle Carbine. I can’t do that with a flash hider and iron sights. Also I want to add a tactical forend grip.

Already tapped it for mounts, so got a red dot on it and all. Carved a thumb hole in the butt stock.

Making it better.

@oldAG he’s just taking the piss, if he trys that I’ll steal it😎

It is hard to tell, though. One minute you think he is joking about something absolutely ludicrous and then he gets all upset because he was being serious… and vice versa… :rofl:

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Heh. Nah, I’d never do that. I’m quite fond of that ol’ girl. I would however rehouse my K31, but not K11! Which reminds me, I need to load for all of them.

I said rehouse! Not modify.

Now this hurts the feels

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Its fine everyone. Please put pitch forks away.