No Sambar deer this morning

Rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated. For those expressing their concerns, thank you, I love you too (@GUN-DMC smarter half included) - I am alive, healthy and well armed :stuck_out_tongue: Radio silence can be attributed to my hunting trip and more to come this week (family trip, no guns).

So, last weekend hunting trip.

Day 1 - doughnuts. Just how it is. Covered a lot of ground, climbed a lot of hills, nothing. Sat in ambush, also nothing. Had to use a headlamp to get down from where I was, took a little tumble, little funny.

Day 2 - this is where it gets a little more, I don’t know, shall we say ‘it wasn’t meant to be way’. The crew I was with sighted, on a number of occasions, a monster stag in a particular area, so everyone thought - let’s go flush it out.

Push from the rear and shooters on top, covering a gully. So I am walking to a hill I am going to climb… This is where we digress (per usual). For new deer hunters, deer hunting is all up hill, soul crushing, ankle breaking f’n hill. You soon learn that that those gimmicky boots and fantastic backpack with 3L blader can be abandoned in hope to save some energy, so you can shoot when opportunity knocks. All up hill, every gram counts. Okay, back to the story. Walking and there’s a fallow doe, just standing there looking at me, like, I know what you’re up to and f-you type of look. I am thinking, well, if I shoot you now, it’s all over, so I keep walking. It would have been a 150m shot, point blank range for 308. I keep walking, I look into the distance and there’s a sambar doe looking at me, just the head sticking… But I know what you look like darling, I played this game before. That would have been 200m+ shot, not trivial in those conditions, but certainly doable and I know exactly how my rifle shoots at that distance with my ammo. Well, this is not the plan I tell myself, stick to the plan, I swear profusely under my breath and keep walking.

Climbed to my spot, ranged various objects and angles. All good. I watch the tracker, everyone is on the move. I soon hear a honk, I think to myself, this is it, mofo is about to bolt and I am right in its path.

…and out of nowhere, this thick fog rolls in. Visibility - nothing. Maybe 2 - 5m. I am thinking, maybe someone below will have better luck… Nope, same shit, different altitude over the radio. So called it a day.

That me, smiling at fate, wasn’t meant to be then.

White background, that’s not over exposure, that’s fog.

I would have liked to take a shot, but having an opportunity to take one and not doing so on my terms is good enough in my books.


Nice work. Knowing when not to take a shot is what really counts :slight_smile:

Nice read. Sorry about the no deer part. But you are spot on with the “but having an opportunity to take one and not doing so on my terms is good enough in my books.” You know you could have taken that shot and that is all that matters really. Not like your going to starve tonight.