No.1 Mk3 .303 with yellow painted muzzle?

Can anyone tell me why this has yellow paint on it? I have seen a few of these but I’ve never been told what the story is with them.

I beleive that means its defective and for ’ drill purposes ’ only what the defect is, who knows

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Found this from Google,

From page 328 of “The Lee-Enfield Story” by Skennerton:

Many of the .303 rifles were passed on to School Cadet units after introduction of the 7.62mm L1A1, these Cadet units have more recently been the end-user source of surplus SMLE rifles. Many such rifles have been noted with painted bands around the butts, or the entire muzzle/nosecap portion. Colours have been green, yellow and red; the green indicates approval for ball ammunition firing, the yellow as a 2nd grade but still suitable for live firing, and the red as not to be fired. A white colour is an Air Force Cadet equivalent for the Army’s green or yellow.

The above refers only to Aussie issued .303 Enfields.

Are 303s worth hanging on to I have an old one but numbers don’t match its full wood I’ve been wondering whether to keep it or get rid of it of late as my son is looking at a 300 and I am thinking of joining him and look for one as well probably second hand though

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I’d keep it mate, harder and harder to come by

Yeah worth hanging on to, price seem to be going up quite a bit the last couple of years.

Thats all true about them going up in price but it really does depend on the condition of the rifle and its back story. Or more about what happened to it after service. Where other sights put on it, was the barrel changed to a target barrel? There is a limited number of them and there are a lot making their way to the parts bin so no more to be had but there are also a shitload of them around the world.

Yeah don’t know about the numbers the barrel is original but the bolt is numbered different and looks newer the old fella that owned it covered it in rifle grease wrapped it up and left it until I bought it last year I still haven’t had a good look at it yet or cleaned the grease off the rifling looks good but I haven’t used a scope to look further it has never had any other sights on it it’s stock standard with shoulder strap i’ll put a pic on later when I get it sorted old mate used to shoot brumbies and scrubbers with it and said it shot well

Even the price of sportered and crappy 303’s are increasing in value.