Nioa buys Barrett

It’s probably cheaper than paying for a patent license.


Good on 'em. Nice to see some international ownership going the other way for once.

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I just wish WAPOL would allow us to license an MRAD.

I’ve seen so many yanks loosing their minds online about this.


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I hope this brings their price down for Aussies a bit.

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I kinda agree with them. Australia is not where I would base a global firearms company. We just don’t have the legislative freedoms, Mil and LE only. Nioa I think do heaps for us but our gov, not so much.

The only Aussie companies that work are ones that sell specific firearms that fall within our framework like bolt actions and straight pulls. I haven’t seen many Australian semi’s over seas. The Lithgow semi didn’t take off over there.

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I can’t see it making one scrap of difference with any US production or how or what they do in the states.
What they’ve really done apart from buying a good business is acquired themselves pre existing relationship/licencing with all the US gov departments and bypassed any restrictions they have here in Oz. And lets be honest from a business point of view who gives a damn if stuff can’t be sold to the tiny Aussie market.
It’s a brilliant move for them.


My issue is the gov not what Nioa do, what if Australia introduces some stupid legislation to industry saying any company they own cannot sell firearms to civilians regardless of country ?

Just saying Australia is more likely to do something stupid like that than the US.

While i do see your point it’s pretty far fetched, and in reality the work around for Nioa would be quicker and easier than what it would be for the gov could get their shit together and implement it.

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Nioa I think do heaps for us but our gov, not so much.

I thought Nioa had a bunch of defense contracts? They were supposed to have some big joint investment for artillery munitions?

They do and it got much bigger with Land 159. I was just saying as sporting shooters they have done a bit to keep the sport going.

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There is a metric fucktone of inbreeds on Reddit right now calling us the gulag nation and crying about this. So funny.


So the Whittakers are up in arms hey, that makes it even better Bwahahaha.

You should check it out, it’s hilarious.

I am right now, i just couldn’t resist…some of the comments are pure gold!!

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