Nightshift Fatigue Management Program

Cleaning some heavily fouled chokes on a recently acquired #12 U/O with as many nasty solvents as i could get my hands on at short notice. May as well sharpen a few knives between scrubs… A few glasses of JD to take the edge off in the process… Happy Days!

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What sort of knife sharpener is that mate?

It’s the one that’s clamped in the blue vice, bottom left of the photo, @bentaz.

KME Precision Knife Sharpener System with gold series diamond hones.

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What he said ^^^^^^ :point_up_2::ok_hand::eyes:

@Pogmahon Are they as good to use & fool proof as they’re meant to be?

Short answer is Yes. Most knife makers wont tell you what angle they set their edges at, i re profile all mine to 20 deg for the sake of simplicity… On a high carbon content blade like SV30 or similar, that can take and hour or 3 but once you have the edge to your liking it can deliver a devastatingly sharp knife… I have an Arkansas stone for mirror finish and to finish off carborundum paste on a leather strop… It literally puts a mirror finish on the edge and you can cut circles effortlessly in a sheet of paper. With the KME it’s repeatable and consistent.

Thanks mate, i’ve been looking for a good setup for a little while and they keep coming up along with the russian TSPROF k02, but i don’t really want to cough up 500usd for the russian one.