New Swag waterproofing.

Been thinking about grabbing one of the Kings big daddy swags (More like a mini tent).
Its been a long time since I bought a swag, what do people recommend for treating a new canvas swag before first use?

I know the one, that’s what I have I think. Closer to a tent than a swag… I just have a tarp over it from the car, leaning over the swag.

FMD, you buy a swag and the canvas isn’t water proof. You must be joking

So what do you think of it?

With my swags when they were new we would take the mattress etc out, open it up and spread it over the clothes line (good old Hills Hoist). We would then soak it thoroughly with water, let it almost dry and then wet it again.

Do this 4 or 5 times then let it dry completely. Put the mattress etc back In and off you go. None of our swags have ever leaked after doing this, unless it is through the zipper if the water gets deep lol.

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Ok…Do you mean I should expect it to be waterproof from the get go- or I am being unrealistic on expecting it to be waterproof?
Like I said a Long time since I bought a new swag.

Well, if I bought a new tent I wouldn’t expect it to leak

If there is potential for stitching to leak years ago used to dubbin into boots stitching. Maybe wax. But personally I’d be disappointed if it leaked.

Canvas is different, unless technology has advanced things its like how cast iron needs seasoning before use.

Perhaps I should test mine

My knowledge may be out of date, that’s why I was asking.

I like it. Quick set up, but a few cords because of its size. I used it a few times, always loved it. However, I’ve never used it in bad weather without a tarp. But good… I mean, what else is there to say. It provides cover.

As 1fatman said, soak it a few times, the thread used expands to fill all the gaps from the sewing machines, the canvas will already be treated

@Austac and @1fatman are on to it soak it let it almost dry then soak it again let it dry and ya good to go. :grinning:

I cant believe I forgot. It really is just like seasoning.
Thanks all.

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