New Sulun Lever Release

So anyone else picked one up?

I was going to as soon as my nsw license was approved, but the money will be going to pistols now i think

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PTA has now come through, still tossing up between Tacsoras, Templeton T2000 or PB12. I’m not finding the choice particularly easy, although the above posts and pictures do help…

I’ve shot em all, Taco sauce by a long margin.

Yesterday I went down to the LGS with PTA in pocket and checked out the Sulun, Buckmaster and Templeton.

Templeton was well built and had a very smooth action but for me, the button was too much of a reach with my thumb -it felt like a conscious effort to move my hand slightly out of natural position each time.

PB12 - yes it looks like less effort went into its construction. Lightest trigger of the three however the button location forced my left hand into a forend holding position which didnt feel right. Which leaves the Sulun.

Yes, the lever is in a good location and yes, it is light and smooth. Lighter than the trigger in fact, which is on the heavier side. It looked well built and they had the barrel length I wanted. I actually wanted a conservative looking timber stocked shotgun, hence me trying to like the Templeton and Buckmaster (my tacticool days are behind me), however ended up walking out with the 18" Sulun and a case of Eley Alphamax #4 break-in shells.

After getting home and putting a hundred shells through it without a single ftf, I’m happy. Started with the Eley No. 4’s and tried a few tubes of 1290 fps No. 7 game - no issues with these either. Will try some lighter target rounds tomorrow to see how they go. [ Edit - just put 2 tubes of 1200 fps 12 28g whitebox through it, cycled perfectly. This was after a good clean and removing fragments of some kind of factory wax preservative which may or may not have helped]. Agree with an earlier poster - that its not as fast as the PB12 (I cant replicate Ozzy’s rate of fire as per his video) but thats not the main criteria is it…

It didnt come with any operating instructions or disassembly manual, however a quick download of the very well written and illustrated Benelli M4 manual and all was good. Exactly the same steps as the Benelli for full strip down. Really impressed with the internal machining of the components and so easy to field strip with no tools.


Put a reflex on mine, gels well, very pointable.

Looks sexy af imho.

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Very sexy

Easy to ghost load also (5+1+1