New shooters: why you shouldn't put off buying milsurp firearms

This is aimed at new shooters, although some old-hats may benefit from it too. Obviously, it’s aimed at people who are interested in old military rifles (i.e. milsurp).

I was watching an episode of Forgotten Weapons, the host was discussing old milsurp rifles and their scarcity. I took away an interesting factoid, buy them now! Of course this is certainly not limited to just rifles.


Well, fully automatic firearms are generally unattainable in most countries and even when you can own them, they are very expensive. Why does this matter?


Most militaries have been using automatic rifles (e.g. many quick pew-pews, not slower one pew-pew at a time) since the late 1940s. With the last of bolt action rifles ending their production runs in the ‘50s (give or take).

This means that there is a finite quantity of this neat old toys in the world and over time, with use and abuse there will be less and less of them - and they are not coming back. Last one made, roughly, 70 years ago. If you think about in terms of supply and demand, the demand is rocketing. Damn hipsters and their love for vintage guns (yes, one is writing this post), resurgence of shooting sports and shooting YouTube channels popularising old military firearms feed the demand, while the supply has well and truly ended. The darlings of the hobby, like Mosins, Enfields, Mausers and oh-so hipster Shmid Rubins (K31, K11) are getting rare, more worn out and very expensive.

If you are looking to get into this hobby, now is the time.

And of course, check this gun porn thread out: Show us your milsurp rifles

With the Ballarat militaria show and the next Melbourne arms and militaria fair coming up in the next few weeks nows a great time to start collecting.

Damn it! Melbourne was this weekend and I’ve missed it :sob:
But at least that means I only have to wait till next weekend for Ballarat…

Yeah, I’m not going either, this weekend :expressionless:

Still time to drop everything and rush down to Melbs! :laughing:

Best time to buy there is around 1pm Sunday, so actually, yeah, heaps of time LOL

I think you need to add a word of caution and I am sure you know a lot more about this than me.
However there are lots and lots of copy gun parts being made for these esp 303 in India so if you are after a genuine all original gun best to track down someone in the know. I think the amount of time it would take to do your own research would be longer than you are willing to scratch that itch to buy a gun once you have made a decision.

You exist in two dimensions! Being both absolutely right and slightly off. I feel the spacetime bending!

While @sungazer is 100% correct, there are a few nuances that are sometimes faked, replaced, broken or missing… And a second opinion is definitely worth it.

On the other hand, a lot of the time when you find a bargain - bargains are to be had in this market, you’ll need to be quick.

Research the rifle you’d like to own, its markings and common failures (that’s where you spot non-original or fake parts). Then research the next one and know that… Do that in advance. Yes boys and girls, reading is fun AND useful LOL

I know. I also knew that I knew next to nothing about the subject, what I have have heard about is, just that heard maybe hearsay. But I thought there was some element of truth to it. Thats why I wanted you to flesh it out.

This weekend coming? Both days? And where?
We should catch up!

Yeah mate both days, I’m going on Sunday.
Its at the indoor sports centre in Norman st wendoree.

I had SMLE paid 350 for in and somee guy at the range offered me 1k for it. Was numbers matching 1942. So nothing spectacular or rare(other than numbers matching).

So i sold it and have regretted it ever since lol

Just get a .303 and be happy :smiley: @gundmc is there a show on in ballarat this coming weekend? I require some parts :frowning:

What times is it running @GUN-DMC

@AusTac yeah mate this weekend.
@DC95 9-5 on Saturday, 9-3 on Sunday.
There is two times to score a bargain, Saturday morning before someone else buys it and Sunday arvo when the price drops coz no one else has bought it, lol!

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Looks like im going to ballarat saturday morning then! :slight_smile:

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Here’s a bargain to get a collection started.
No1 mk3 full wood for only $290

In T/R trim, sights removed, stock will be shaved for the Central sideplate. Still a cheap 303, add $80 + to buy and fit new rear sights and away you go. No collectors value anymore, and not eligible for B Class CSD due to the T/R modifications, but still a good 3-oh, Cheers.

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