New rifle from Volquartsen.

Here is a link to the new 22 on offer from Volquartsen. At a recommended price of $1733 USD it is not cheap by 22 standards. It weighs in at just under 4 pounds it is extremely light.
I personally think it looks weird which means that JS will love it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Don’t project your insecurities on me, fella.

I said different not strange.

You live in WA, you’re different and strange.

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Will be interesting to see how it is accepted. It certainly doesn’t give me any movement down there.

Is it based on a 10-22? Looks like it to me, if so I can’t see much call for it in Australia.
I’m with you @sungazer doesn’t really look very nice but then again light weight and not sexy looks is their aim.

So with a left side picture and based on the action shape its a semi? Looks weird…

Oh definitely.
You still haven’t admitted that it gives you a little lump in your pants and that you want one :innocent:

I checked the website and could only find pictures of the one same side. no mention on the type of action, all a bit strange.

I will keep an eye on them as I get regular emails with updates on their products and will report back.

No, can’t say I like it.

The 10-22 platform is the basis for a lot of high precision target rifles in the U.S.
One that comes to mind is Kidd, look him up.

Why is there a dildo hanging off the fore-end???

You ask what everyone was thinking. LOL

I think that is for the manbun crowd.

Looks like it’d make an ok walking stick!