New pump actions - did they miss the mark/market?

What say you, brain trust?

A little too late? Would you get one? Would you prefer something else? Are you a fan of pump action on a centrefire calibre?

With the 7600 hard to get, i think a decent built CF pump definately has its place. If they keep it built like the maral it would be what is needed.

I love my 7600, such a blast to shoot. Pump is better than straight pull and lever, even the gov agrees with me on that.

I’d get one for knock around bush gun / hunting, but it would have to come in a bit cheaper than the lever release guns that are here already.
I think theyve probably missed the mark.
My brother bought a brand new 7600 in .308 when the came out, the fit and finish was so bad i cut my hand on the bloody forend!
My mate Robbie has an old rem 760 timber in 30-06 and its a ripper though.

Yeah, interesting. This one is close to 2k by the looks of it. Winchester hasn’t made anything in a while from memory… In the past, USSR, Japan, this looks like Turkish maybe. Not that it matters, but the price tag vs ‘the package’ is very off-putting to me. Don’t mind the mechanics, but not hot on presentation.

They can get fucked for $2k!

I like the idea but I hate how those sights look.

Closer to 3…

Just as ugly, if not uglier, but much cheaper and a newer faster action for follow up shots.
I know which I’d choose!

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I was thinking it, but didn’t want to bias discussion lol

If we are listing the ones we would chose, this is mine.

Missed the boat unless there is a cal or something that tickles your fancy that hasn’t been offered as yet. Personally I would be looking at other options after dipping my toe in with a pump a lot more clunky than offerings such as lever actions push button release or lever release, go with a tried and true action that is just tweaked a little to allow compliance is what I would be looking for in the future.

And so it begins, Australians got a taste of fun…

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Those who were not shooting pre 96.

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Well, yes…

Or who shot in Queensland post 96…