New PCC Lever Gun

Came across this new PCC levergun being made in the UK, would love to see a pump action version made here.

Southern Gun Company


Damn that looks nice, I want one and it’s 9mm.
Wasn’t sure about the angle of the lever but it looked OK in the video.

Oooh 9mm, i want one too.

Rifles in pistol calibres are awesome. They have enough ooomph and pleasure to shoot. I put a 100 or so rounds through my “303-1911-esq”. Absolute pleasure. Got in just before this last round of lockdowns, thankfully. That did not help the addiction, but trigger time did take the edge off :slight_smile: Something that takes common magazines and in a “cheap enough” centrefire plinking caliber would be awesome. 9mm is great! Especially in lever release action. I wouldn’t say no to this.

FYI they banned lever release in UK, so I am guessing this is a remake of an existing lever release model most likely or some sort of iteration.

That does look cool, I wonder if they’ll come to Australia?

Even better that it takes cheap Glock mags!

Now if they were sold in Australia with a price tag under $1200 they would sell like hot cakes.

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Glock mags, they’re like the covid of the gun industry, they’re infecting everything lol. I couldn’t even guess how many of them have snuck their way into my cupboards.

@bentaz you’ve probably answered your own question… They look cool = automatically banned :grin: