New mag fed lever guns...

Henry Forever Changes Lever Guns (


Hammerless, enclosed receiver. I need one in tactical furniture!


Meanwhile, S&W have also announced a .44 mag modern lever-action as well. Bonus: It doesn’t look like the furniture is made out of Lego.

Removable mag tube soynds good

Removable box magazine sounds better :slight_smile:

But looks wrong :grin:

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Looks just right! Modern!

There is classic - wood and tube; and there is modern, shrouds and box magz. There are no inbetween abortions! The End!

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Soooo by your definition the ones in your picture fall into the abortion category yes?

That henry is cool from a practical point of view, but i bet it cost more than a lever release so its redundant.
Henry did some single shot martini actions, but they were stupid expensive and not as pretty as a ruger number 1.
You should still get one, but they are stupid and redundant.

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I would have preferred all black, mdt type shroud, etc. Yes. But I would still have it. Enclosed receiver and lack of hammer is a step in the right direction, so I stamp this with approved!

I really like Henry’s design aesthetic. Traditional basis, but modern touches. Be interesting to see what the guns cost when they finally show up here

$2500 is my bet.

Will have to wait and see if they really do cost more than a button release in the same calibre. True they are probably second place to the lever/button release but a lever action in a 223 that takes Pmags would tickle my fancy to the point of distraction.

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They wanted that much for the single shots.