New guns vs old guns

The what’s your oldest gun thread got me thinking about my collection.
It dawned on me that I have only ever bought 1 brand new gun, A Mossberg plinkster .22, I bought a very near new lever action .357 but other than them the majority of my guns would be older than I am.
My savage 340 in .222 is from the 60’s I think.
My deer gun is a 1917 no.1 mk3.
I’ve never owned a howa or tikka, no rem 700’s etc.
I own winchesters, Remington, savages etc but they are mostly shotguns and either vintage or antique.

What about you guys anyone else prefer to hunt with the old classics?

No, to be honest. I prefer modern. In fact I’d go a step further and say that I prefer to hunt with modern guns in polymer stocks, not wood.

I looooove shooting my wood and steel, but to answer your question, not for me. I like polymer.

I’m with DMC. I have a couple of guns I bought new, but most are oldish. Apart from my air rifle, everything is wood and steel, and that air rifle is at risk of getting the boot.

Most of mine are vintage or older, however when I finally pull my finger out (alarms etc) and pick up one of those A22R’s I think it will be a favorite.
Then again there’s something to be said for using your grandfathers tools, they are on their 3rd generation now and still working well.
I don’t hunt as much as others here do- and my “hunts” are mostly gentle paddock walks after rabbit and foxes.

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I just remembered that I bought a plastic fantastic bergara break action .243
It’s pretty new and will be a lot nicer to carry around than the ol’ three oh.

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My 6.5x55 is an oldie, but my 30-06 and 22-250 were both brand new modern ones.

The oldest i have would be my M2 brno. Or perhaps a stirling SB 12g. But nothing wrong with using older firearms for hunting, provided the balistics are up to it.

P.S. would like to shoot a goat or such with my front stuffer.

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I like my modern guns because of progress in materials and manufacturing process’s, however if someone made a modern lee enfield style cock on close gun in maybe a 308 like a Australian international arms rifle id be all over it as i love that style of rifle and how tough it is

Honest question here coz to me I couldn’t care either way, but why cock on closed?
I personally don’t see how it makes any difference.

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Not to sure really i just quite like it, can run it super fast and its nice to have a bit of cushion at the end of the bolt stroke