New guns Tuesday!

Ignore the air rifle, that’s already mine.
But the other 3 I just inherited, 2 shotguns (1 with a bent barrel) and a 303-25.
Good times!

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Very nice.
That will give you something to keep you amused for awhile :slight_smile:

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Always nice to add to the collection, hope it wasn’t someone close…

Luckily no people were harmed in the making of this new gun tuesday!

I think that you should send the 303-25 over to me. The weather is much drier than over there, hate to see it get rusty. :innocent::innocent::laughing::sunglasses::thinking::sunglasses:

thats all right mate, its already rusty!

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Dont worry about the bent barrel. Did you see the Mythbusters show shooting a Ruger 10/22 with a bent barrel? They kept increasing the bend and firing to test. They made it all the way to 180 degrees just like in the cartoons.:grin:

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Just straighten it up as fest you can… Sheel be right. :+1:

I will have a squiz with a tape measure, I might be able to just lop the end off it, but have to check it’ll still be legal :wink:

20" barrel afaik to be legal
16.5" if factory made

…go figure.

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The German Army did this in 1944 with the Stg 44 Assault Rifle. Wore out barrels very quick though.

G’day GUN-DMC,
I once watched the old German gunsmith at E.Dark & Co straighten a pair of barrels off a (then) $40 000 Purdey, the method seems quite easy. One simply looks through the barrel at how the light “rings”, then grasping the barrel by one end you smack it across a block of hardwood. As I say, seems easy, give it a go! Cheers,

Cheers mate, don’t really have anything to loose so I will give that a try. This certainly isn’t a Purdy.

A straight edge might help.
I thought a couple of blocks of wood and a hard rubber mallet?

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