New Gun Day CZ457

Been waiting for this little ripper to get thru customs, Finally got the call from my LGS to say she’s ready to collect… Very happy with the quality of finish. The 17HMR they had on the wall had a threaded barrel so i was a little disappointed this came unthreaded but that will be getting sorted out soon enough. I ordered in 22LR to fill a gap.

Scoped up with Leupold VX Freedom 3-9 x 40.

No apologies for shameless scooter shot!

Cheers Graeme

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Looks very nice mate, tad jealous over here

Very nice looking rifle the wood does go well with the red on the bike. I would think before you rushed in and threaded the barrel. It really does reduce the area of a nicely shaped crown on the barrel. It is very underestimated the crown and the role it has to play with the pressure wave and getting the bullet of to a good straight start.


I agree. Why thread it. Unless you can.legally own a suppressor there’s no point

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Good point you make.

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Agree with everyone, beautiful gun, don’t thread it unless you can have a shusher!

:drooling_face: that checkering :drooling_face:

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Thread it, huge compensater, throw that firewood away and restock in plastic and aluminium.

Or leave it, quite nice as it is.


Is it a Rimfire VX? I’m looking for a new variable for my model 2, be interested to hear how it goes.
Nice timber.

Yes mate, Rimfire with MOA Reticle neutral parallax @ 60yds

That’s purrdy! :rofl: