New case prep toy

Just had this sent to me by one of the gun shops that I used to visit when we were allowed to shoot before the lockdown. Normal price that they had was $145

So weird.

Let us know what you think @1Fatman when you e used it a few times. Probably unnecessary however I like new stuff.

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Ok, fuck it, if nobody is going to say it… This looks like some sort of a weird Japanese porn movie sex toy. Denied!

@CAVOK sorry mate he just sent e the picture not the actual thing, he is a nice bloke but not that nice.
I have the Lyman case prep centre and love it.

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Does that mean that you want one (or two)?

If I was going to have a case prep machine I think I would like it to be a table top one something stable that you can just place the cases over. I think it is the Lyman one style that I would go for.

At one stage I ran the tools in the lathe but I think it was a bit too good. It didnt ruin the cases but I think it was more than necessary. The idea is really only just enough to remove any burrs not to turn them into sharp edges like a knife.

My wife has a similar…okay.

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Thank the Lord it’s not black…