New box mag fed 22 lever action?

Magazine Fed Lever Action .22 LR Carbine: Derya TM22 LA

So this is pretty interesting.

I could do with one in gold :slight_smile:

I wonder what the tube under the barrel is?

I had that exact same thought.

I’d rather have one of these in lever release Derya ZY9 B6-10 CH101 - Derya Arms

I’d rather have many things, but… Alas…

But… But why?

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Mate, that lead-sled photo, your bolt is in the wrong side, you don’t get to critique firearms after you shove the bolt in the wrong way.


You must be doing something wrong, when i hold it the bolt is on the right side.

Isn’t it a little redundant because we can only have a 15 rnd mag and the tube mag would hold that anyway?
If you you could have it with a 12 inch barrel…

I like detachable magz better, of course horses for courses. But I find it nicer. That tube though, thats super weird.