New Aussie made straight pull .


Wind Dynamics, only just got a sniff of this today. Claim to be Australian made. $1450 (whistles) brave move during the Turkish invasion. I’ve heard sweet FA about them.
Any thoughts.


Looks pretty solid.


I brought this up just a few days ago somewhere on here. Well priced for Australian made but the straight pull shotgun market is flooded.

Made in WA but no reviews or anything. The photo at the bottom is their product from 2018 which I don’t think ever made it to market. Top photo is the current product.

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Nearly looks like a Remington 870 in the receiver metal parts at least. That would mean there would be heaps of aftermarket butts and bits available. like adapters to pistol grip it ect.

It looks interesting and I agree with Nomis that the price is right for an Australian-made shotgun, buuuuuut… why would anyone buy one when you can have an Adler or one of the countless other Turkish shotguns for half or two-thirds as much?

Also, like every Australian gun maker, they appear to have almost nonexistent PR or advertising, which doesn’t help either.

God, what is it with this!? A very well respected company with the Australian shooting community but can’t put a decent website together. Also very highly regarded from what I know and understand. Totally unprofessional.

I think that for so long the Aussie shooting community has been so small that just word of mouth has been enough to get these companies through.

The first 30 Wind Dynamics shotguns should be reserved as display models and to be sent out to Ozzie Reviews and Shooting Stuff Australia. I am not dropping nearly one and a half grand without holding one and I can hold any number of Turkish shotguns at my local gun shop.

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Good God, that Taipan website looks like it was made by someone’s 16yo grandchild (quoting their cantankerous grandparent directly while rolling their eyes) in 1996 and designed to be viewed in Netscape Navigator.

While I’m not a fan of Shooting Stuff Australia at all, I totally agree the sensible thing to do would be to get some of the Wind Dynamics shotguns into the hands of people like Ozzie Reviews and someone from Sporting Shooter and Australian Shooter magazines etc. Yeah, it’s a few thousand dollars investment but it’s worth a fuckton in PR, exposure, and letting people know the guns actually exist.

I genuinely don’t get why Simplex don’t have a better media presence - they make great stuff, it’s affordable, but their website uses what appears to be pics from the 1990s scanned into an early 2000s scanner.

Yeah, Simplex is a big one, what the hell… So much good word of mouth, really good reputation and so many thousands of dollars lost on lost opportunity on their website and lack of advertisement for new comers (which is where the money is).

It’s the old school meeting the young mentality having a huge culture clash, that’s what it is. We have a website, people can email us… And we will get back to them when we have time. While everyone now just want to click the ‘buy’ button and have the order shipped. It’s a clash or mentality and dare I say arrogant business practices in AU due to such small market size.


I agree totally. The insane thing is I thought Simplex went out of the business in the late '80s or mid-90s; I’d seen heaps of their stuff at gun shows and in the “odds and ends” bins at gun shops, but no “new” products and figured they were one of those iconic but gone Aussie brands like Sportco.

No, they’re still kicking around and making stuff, they just seem to be relying on word of mouth to do it, which (as you say) is not how you run a business in 2020.

I think they did stop production for some time. Or at least reduced their range right back.

I’ve never seen Simplex stuff available in a shop, let alone starting kits like every other brand has.

Rebel Gun Works have them:

Totally agree it’s insane Simplex don’t have a starting kit available like everyone else though.

Perhaps they are really just starting up again from scratch as a one man band type of thing. What I do like is that there is such a lot of people who are willing to take a chance on them and eith from a nostalgia point or a buy Australian pride they are willing to give them a go. It really the type of attitude that the country needs on a much greater scale.

Reading the blogs somewhere I read that the covid situation was making some comunitites in some some counrty where they were being sucsessful in turning back to the way they used to do things in a lot for quite a variety of practices that they found were giving safer and better results than the modern ways. Funny how the tides turn.

I didn’t know simplex were still in business either and I don’t think I’ve seen new simplex gear in an LGS.

I can say, in over 35 years of shooting, never seen a simplex press, a few dies in the odds and ends section at gun shows and internet pictures. Never seen a single advert or item for sale in any gun shop.
To me they were just a crusty relic and internet legend.
So there you go for market recognition.

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Pretty sure Rebel still sells their stuff.

Wait, you’re telling me Simplex is still in business? Shocked.jpg

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