New Animal Welfare Act Victoria

Apparently you guys down south are about to get the ACT treatment on ‘animal welfare’ (hunting).
I never knew that hunting with hounds was banned in the ACT. Snuck in under similar new legislation.
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I am sure ADA is actually working behind the scenes.

Let me give em a call.

“Yeah Hi, I need an assistance dog. Yep. Well…mainly for retrieving dead ducks. click Hello? HELLLOOO?”

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Hmmm ok, so what happens, when one finds a bunch of abandoned kittens in the bush, that some a$$hole cat owner has acted irresponsibly, and dumped?

About 20 years ago in the ACT a mate of mines Aunty hit a roo with her car one night, so she rang the police and told them what happened & said that they should pop out & check it was properly dead etc, during the call she gave her full details over thinking she was doing the right thing. A couple of weeks later she got a fine in the mail from some other dept for illegally killing a Kangaroo.

Insert the BIG magazine.


That’s bloody insane, the mind boggles… I expect that fine was disputed…

She beat it in the end but it had to go to court and the magistrate threw it out because the department who issued the fine weren’t going to waiver. I’m pretty sure the fine was the one they hit farmers with for culling without being issued any tags…or something like that. We used to joke after that that if we clipped a roo on the road from now on it would be a hit & run.

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Again, mind boggling mate…

There’s a lot of hit and runs between St George and Cunnamulla.

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