National Defence Strategy for Australia by Alexandra Hunter

Enhancing Australia’s National Security:

Integrating Civilian Forces and Strategic Insights


Australia’s national security landscape is increasingly complex, with potential threats arising from geopolitical tensions, regional conflicts, and strategic manoeuvres by authoritarian states. Drawing on insights from “Danger On Our Doorstep” by Jim Molan, this essay explores the necessity of integrating veterans, sporting shooters, and a wide array of civilian groups into a comprehensive national defence strategy while understanding the strategic mindsets of potential adversaries.

Personally I think the political landscape would have to change dramatically for the worse before any Territorial Defense Units like Ukraine were ever contemplated.

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Well, I already have a 310 Cadet and a pair of Solomons. I’m practically an operator. :rofl:

What a muppet.

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Something more like what they have in Switzerland would be ok, as a result of the way they do things their gun culture is great and very community and family oriented.
Their gun & regulated militia culture is apparently what the US tried to copy way back in the start, until they went off on a little bit of a tangent lol.

But it works and is a good idea so it’ll never happen here.

We did have something pretty similar between ww1 and 2 and for a short time after. Back when the Gov supported and encouraged Gun Clubs and rifle ranges. Back then a good shooter could be a professional sportsman the prize money that could be won was really worthwhile. free ammo and cheap army rifles.