My three new toys

Remington mod 6 .22
Martini Enfield. 303
And the bloody mystery musket on the bottom.
I bought these 3 off my dad because he can’t see much anymore and is having to give up shooting.
Top too, no worries I know exactly what they are.
The mystery musket on the other hand, I was told it’s a .50cal, I ordered moulds, over powder cards, half inch fibre wads and over shot cards (It’s a smoothbore) then when I finally get a good look at it while doing the transfers today I notice the red paper lists it at .577, so I have a bit of a closer look at the markings on the breach, which are chaoticly hand stamped all over the place and it has .637 stamped on it.
I haven’t measured it wit verniers yet but I had a quick measure with the tape measure and yes I think it’s a .64cal.
Anybody want a .498 round ball mould and a bunch of wads n stuff let me know!

Also bought these while I was down there. :sunglasses:
But I couldn’t bring them home yet because LRD is way behind and my permits didn’t get instantly approved like I’m used to, won’t be able to get them till Friday probably now. I don’t know how you guys in other states put up with it!

Kinda diggin’ the martini’s now all of a sudden since i’ve been around them, very nice mate! :+1:

Wait till you handle 577 :wink: There’s one on used guns with bullets and mould. Rare these days, you should grab it. 577-450, not 303

@GUN-DMC is the top one 303?

Actually, there’s 303 too, get both :slight_smile:

Top pic in second post is a 12ga

Maybe I will get lucky on Thursday night. Then I would have some funds to buy some of these new toys like you guys.
That $499 Howa I bought because it was cheap has cost be a bucket of $$$ in other parts for it. Scope, Stock, dies, Food the list seems to be endless when you look at the bank account.:rofl:

Very nice by the way I am sure there will be loads of fun in getting them shooting. Bad luck about the 50 cal stuff but hang on to it its only a matter of time in your case.:smile:

I would really like a restoration job to have a try at. Will have to do as JS did and just buy a rifle for that purpose. Is that a Genuine Reason?

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No, restoration is not a genuine reason. Howey, this one comes with a different colour sling is legit. Also, because peer pressure; and I have one free rifle slot on the left of the safe and it’s unbalanced.

Best to start small. Buy something that’s good but has crappy furniture and work on stock. Metal is a lot more labour intensive. Fix cracks, wet sanding, etc. That’s the most delicate stuff. Everything else is either scrubbing or replacing missing screws and snapped extractors.

Then you get into filing, polishing and adding mass with epoxy or welding. My next adventure will be adding small delicate welds or somethinglike that, to raise hinges and magazines.

Ben, do you have a collector’s licence?

No, I do not.

If I held all those guns on a collector’s licence I wouldn’t be able to use the to hunt with.
As the majority of my guns are 12ga and cat A, I don’t need to justify why I want them.

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I prefer to buy stuff that works :grin: don’t mind a little tear down archeology on a new purchase