My new ammo fridge :)

After years of scavenging, pulling over and checking, looking, searching… I have finally found the perfect mini fridge on the side of the road. For ammo storage! All neat and tidy, needs a little clean and previous owners already did everything they weren’t allowed to do and clipped the rear gas tubes… Now it’s just a box, but still needs locks.

AAAAAAND! Space is at a premium here, the nook I had in mind to slot this in - PERFECT FIT!

Oh yerrrr! Ammo storage life goals! Don’t judge me!


It’s cool…


@JSS chill bro, there’s no need for smart arse comments…


Well, I am still happy about my fridge :slight_smile:

Now we just need a photo of it full of ammo lol.

Wish our laws over here allowed us to be more flexible in where we can store our ammo.

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I know it was a little frosty and i probably should spend some time in the cooler but i hope it doesn’t make you feel you need to freeze me out.

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Na bro, we’re cool! I’d still chill with you and have a couple of frosty ones…

@juststarting is it full yet?

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Yeah, yeah, you keep laughing about it, I am the one with the fridge though. I know you lot are just jealous.

Sounds like we are getting the cold shoulder now.


7/10 - best so far

Couple of hasp and staples, padlocks and your in business. Had an old bar fridge that shat itself ages ago. Tore all of the motor and crap out of it and it lived on the veranda sitting on it’s back to be filled with ice as a beer esky, worked great.

Someone understands!