My hunting trip.

Two buffs, one tagged cow that wandered away from its station. I got beef!

I missed the bull though. He turned at me and stared right into my soul, he was looking at me and telling me he was going to kill me. I fired just over him, Dennis missed as well and he, thankfully chosed the “Flight” option. I cant remember being that scared for a long time. Obviously I remember his horns being about 10m wide, and he was two storeys tall. Bjt he was a ripper for sure a real stunner.

Im scared to go back, I feel like he knows I killed his family, and he wants revenge.


Widdle baby buffy yummy



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When you shoot a tagged cow do you have to compensate the owner. I would be pissed if someone poached a cow they could expect return fire.

I shot a cow in a state forrest in Vic, a few of them had been in there for months, I figured by then they counted as feral.

If you are on their land, you bloody well better.

If your neighbours cow wanders into your property, best you get it back lest your dog wander onto their property.

If they don’t look after their fencing, and the cow wanders into a hunting reserve 30kms away…TFB.

Naturally, if it had a big rectangle tag and its horns cleaved it would be easy to spot. This one had a little round tag, didnt see it until it was scotch filleted.


It was supposed to be a one day reconnaissance job. Its still going. Mountains of meat. I’ve done all the rumps, scotches and clods.

This is just a fraction of it.


This is what you need as you leave. After wheeling through some pretty dicey shit for 6 hours, chasing buffs and cows, slicing an d dicing and finding old mine shafts you cant wait to get back on solid ground. but not Mr X. Literally, the front wheel in 6cm from the fuggin highway, and somewhow he finds the only hole. Maxtraxks, some rocks, widowmaker jack. Sorted.

The shop coolroom is starting to smell wonderful. Too wonderful. The other haldf is complaining so I moved all the dry aging stuff into the hidden part of the beer coolroom. Bloody women eh?

Also, I found what I think is an old mine cart railway. I didnt get a photo, but I found a raised berm like that of a train line, hardly representaive of a rail, no tracks or anything but I spied a DRAIN PIPE exiting a stacked berm of ironstone rocks that formed a straightish line. It didnt occur to me at the time, but on recall, That pipe was not modern concrete at all. It didnt have the standard bluestone cracker dust aggregate, it was river washed round quartz and irony stuff that was protruding from the eroded sides. I can’t wait to go back and get photos.

Also check out this quality Sako 338 edit: 338WM stock.

Second time its happened. Why sell laminate if you dont bed them for big kickers? I suggested he ask them for a synthetic.


I yanked on one of the horns today and it slid right off, leaving a cup full of the stankiest mucussy jizz that made me almost chakalaka. The other side is about to slide off too. Gave the whole thing a shake to get some air into the crevices for the bugs and every dog in the block started howling within two minutes.

I’ll spare you the pics this time. Been about 28 days or more now.

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This reminded me of the Swamps of Dagobah - you are welcome everyone, consider yourselves educated in culture of Internet lore.