My first reloading set up.

Welp, Aus Post found my package somewhere and got it to me to today along with my Projectile Warehouse order.

I promptly told my year 10s that my internet was having issues and sprinted to the door.

Spent the afternoon pulling an old table saw table out of the shed and running to Mitre 10 to get bolts. Got it all set up and realised that the table was too light so brushed off a piece of concrete from the back of garden and TA DA! Industrial chic!

Still waiting on some more stuff to come through but this is most of it. Set the scale up, I now understand why people go digital, finicky AF.

Still need to sort out a neck sizing die at some point and a case trimmer. Did get a bullet puller though so I’m prepared.

Fun times ahead!


That concrete block won’t do.
Once you start sizing bigger cases, you will be surprised how much torque is excerted.
You’ll also want to seriously reinforce where the press mounts to the table.
Consider somewhere that’s fixed. A table that moves around will drive you nuts.
If you need a movable solution look at some wingnuts or have a spanner handy to mount in position.
Good setup though, will make yourself some decent ammo.

Nah all good, this is just temporary until my shed goes in at the end of October/start of November. At that point I’ll be putting together a full work shop/reloading room so it’ll be mounted to a proper bench.

I just got over lockdown to went on a spending spree to cheer myself up and give me something gun related to do.

I had to reinforce mine twice. Ended up with 19mm Formply , strengthened with a 35x90mm bit of pine and it still flexed. Had to put in several more screws and bolts and keep it steady. Especially handy when a case is a little tough to extract.
Trust me when I say make it stronger than you think you need too.
Lots of hours reloading in front of you. Very satisfying rolling your own.

I have Lee Quick Trim for you. Personally, I would (probably in the future) spend the money and get a universal trimmer. Layman or RCBS. However, to get you started, I have Lee Quick Trim here, I’ll take some photos later tonight.

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I made my bench with treated pine sleepers with a layer of ply over the top after getting the shits with the flexy old desk I used to reload on.

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That’s actually not a bad idea.

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so would it make it a good idea?

Nice, looks like my first set up…couldnt wait to load that first round!!! If you have a 2 die set that has a FL die, you will be throwing money away buying a neck size die. The FL die does both with adjustment.

I made a bench when i first started reloading so proud I was until ripped the top clean of it. Apparently chip board was no match for 7.62x54R I’ve learnt a lot since that day. When I showed old uncle he just laughed and said a man who never made mistakes, never made nothing at all, of course I never new what he meant until I made many of them😁

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Well I’ll see how it goes, I can reinforce this one if I have to but I got news today that the shed building permit has been approved so that should be in by the end of October. Thank god!


Heh, I remember my first loading bench!

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@Nomis sometimes you gotta just use what you got mate

Little tip when not in use if you have youngsters around occasionally. The camming system in the lever can do a real mischief to little fingers. Also stops the lever flopping down and you smash your knee and say "Aaaargggh! FK YOU! "( Don’t ask me how I know this)

Or if you have an old pair of pants and some zip ties… Bubba yourself a press cover.

Could even go upmarket bubba-shick and spray it with silicon spray :slight_smile: I haven’t gone to that level lol.

@Nomis pay for shipping and this is yours.

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@Nomis Congrats on your new setup and on your first step down the deep deep rabbit hole that is now your life.
Oh and by the way, YOU NEED MORE!!! :grin:


I think he needs a Simplex on that bench too!

I’ll take the Swiss , Russian and Brit trimmers if you want to offload .
How much?

@Nomis get them quick before he changes his mind. I know @juststarting likes his universal trimmer personally I really like these trimmers. Way less ways of making any mistakes and over trimming. Which I did once to 25 cases using another Lee method which uses a Mandrell down the middle to gauge length. I thought I had it thought out really well putting the pieces into the lathe and motorizing it all. but it turned out it was indexing length on the tip of the Mandrell to the shell holder but I thought it was indexing on the inside of the case a much more sensible point IMHO trimmed 25 about 2mm too much. they are now in the Hunting round box to be used “ONE DAY” as in probably not until the zombie apocalypse. I did shoot them a fair bit at first hoping the cases would grow enough to even out with the others but not yet.

These ones are nearly fool proof but not quite. You adjust the cutter which gives you about 1 thou per click adjustment the case sits inside the die and the cutter sits on top of the die. About the only way to F it up is when you use the double action chamfer blade at the same time. To much gusto and you can put too much chamfer on and make the edge to sharp. It really just needs the smallest of de burring.

I know use separate tools for this one which gives a sharper angle on the inside chamfer.