My First Hunting Trip

Given that I’ve been raised and live in the cities for all my life, despite of the fact that I’ve been in Australia for over 30 years and that I’ve have had my gun license for almost 2 years now … I’ve never been out hunting nor have I been to any farms … kind of sad… I know.

So this has been quite an experience for me.

The admission for this property is $350pp (for a group of 6 or more). This includes 2 days and 1 night of accommodation, and the hunting guide who is the proprietor of the property.
You have to bring the rest yourself. And of course you need to be properly licensed.

The proprietor himself is quite experienced, and he has a Jeep Cherokee equipped with powerful LED lights for night hunting. Visitor may travel in his car. It was quiet an experience for me to walk in the dark, mysterious abyss of Australian bushes late at night at -5 degrees, with complete silence all around us. We probably did a 10km walk in search of prey but my iPhone 8 plus is so crap in taking night video so I didn’t have any footage of this trek :disappointed:

There were 8 guns in total including my Marlin 1894D 44Mmag, I have tried 3 guns, and here are my 2 cents on these guns :

Ruger Gunsite Scount 233REM
This is nice gun. It feels good in the hand and it sure was very well put together, stable and easy to control. There wasn’t much of felt recoil - but 233REM has little recoil to start with anyway.

Mosin-Nagant Rifle
I hate this gun. I felt that this gun was made for a 7-feet Russian wrestler instead of for someone of Asian heritage, with smaller built. It was hard for me to handle and there was a lot of recoil (Oh well it’s using a 8mm round)

Adler Shotgun
It’s cheap and cheerful, quality isn’t the best, feel shaky in the hand, but the action seems to be working Ok.

Video Link

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It is sort of funny you say this given the number of Vietnamese and North Korea soldiers who ended up using them. I am seriously impressed at photos of female 16 year old Viet Cong fighters armed with the Chinese Type 53 which is the same gun but much shorter and lighter.

Good job on getting out and having a go. What were you hunting?

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Sat night when we went out there were some ducks and some pigs… roos too but of coz they were out of the questions. Not too many critters around maybe because it was cold ?

I guess if I have enough of practices … I can eventually be converted to “like” Nagant …but not having just fired 5 shots.

Not that I’m knocking you mate, it’s a big boy round, but it’s been employed by many a small Asian bloke from Vietnam to China and pretty much any other communist army or guerrilla group.
Russia handed them down to China who paid it forward to many of their neighbours as they upgraded to AK’s etc.

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I feel sorry for those small Asian blokes.

I’d much rather be on that end than the other end of a Mosin!


I suspect that recoil isn’t something you would notice whilst being shot at.