My attempt at Alchemy

Here is my latest attempt at turning lead into gold, or at least I’ll be sending them down range and trying to in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be using the 545gr .45cal ones on the left to try to win the BRAA Billy Dixon shoot again this year. Then a week later I’ll be using the 440gr .40cal ones on the right to try to win gold at the BPCR Silhouette Nationals.
Whats left over will be used up by any takers at PF.:wink:


What sort of ventilation do you have in there?
I’m a proper novice at casting but I thought you needed really good ventilation.
I do all my casting outside under a lean to I built of the side of my reloading room.

It’s in a 3 car garage, I make sure all of the doors are open and I also have a fan directly over my casting area blowing any fumes away from me.
Most of the fumes produced are from fluxing, you aren’t exactly boiling the lead and vapourizing it.

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looks like a neat little row of soldiers.

That’s fine mate.

Probably even better than under a verandah.

There will be some lead vapour. However you don’t exactly do it daily. Perhaps a few hours 4 or 5 times a year. So with good ventilation should be fine.