My 3 favourite rifles?

Alright, little hypocritical because I don’t have pics to post yet, I will later, but had an idea and thought l, let’s start this…

Your 3 favourite rifles, pics only :slight_smile:

My sporter SMLE, Anshultz 1430 & your new Arisaka 99.

I mean Savage 212! Because the best rifle is really a shotgun… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

My 3 favourite rifles.
1 - My M39 Finnish Mosin
2 - My newest gun
3 - My next gun.

4 - The gun I’m shooting.

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Mine would be;

The ones that I use the most:

1 Sako 85 in dirty o six,

2 CZ 455 tactical in 22lr,

3 Adler B230 12 gauge.

The ones that I just like the most:

1 BSA Cadet in 310,

2 Remington pump action model 25 in 32-20,

3 If all goes according to plan on this coming Saturday my new toy.

Hard to determine as I love all of mine, however, if I have to choose then my fav three are as follows. Photos to come when I get home.

Sako A7 6.5 Creedmoor
Ruger American Ranch 300 AAC
Win Mod 70 300 Win Mag

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Le Booshmasterr

7.62x39 Ranch

…and this thing at the Darwin Military museum.

If you were on the auction on the weekend they had one for sale, thinks it went for around $17k but might have been more. For $12k you could have brought a Boyd’s anti tank rifle.

How much do you pay for factory 32-20 ammo? Or do you reload?

Did it go according to plan?

I reload, I brought some more brass and a mold from CBE.

It did indeed. I got a 1886 MK3 Martini Henry in 577/450 that had been issued to the QLD Government.
Now I just need to wait until they send it so I can get it licensed and shoot it.

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Nice pick up. I wanted one of the martini carbines they had but no luck.

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Yeah the prices were just a bit high for the carbines then what my budget was, same as the first MH that I wanted it was too high before it even came up lol

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Tikka lsa55 22.250. I gave it a birthday and rebarreled it as well

Cz527 American 17 hornet with leupold 4x12x50 firedot

Custom sako l461 in 17 remington

All 3 are dedicated fox rifles and group well if I do my part 22.250

17 hornet

17 remington

All 5 shot groups at 100m off sandbags over the bonnet of the ute

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Make sure you spend a little extra time on the small one haha

Edit , fixed spelling

Fucking toes in gun photos. C’mon people, edit the image. :rofl:

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Better haha.

The stock on that Tikka is beautiful!