Muzzle brake or muzzle break?

This ones for all those interballs grama Nazi’s out there…
As per the title what is the correct spelling?
I have seen it spelt and advertised both ways, so which way is correct?

Muzzle Brake

Brake - discuss

Well it stops the gasses rushing forward so the term Brake is the most appropriate.

Nothing to do with “grama Nazi’s”, or did you mean grammar Nazi’s.
Difficult to understand how people get it so wrong. Nothing to do with how it’s spelt.
Think about those words: -
Brake - to retard, or limit.
Break - broken, failed.
The device was more usually referred to as a “recoil compensator”, its function to brake (retard) recoil.
Plenty of references available for the use of the term “muzzle brake”, but you’ll be hard pressed to find reference to “muzzle break”, if you can find it at all.

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There are quite a few terms that people get wrong not knowing what the really mean as well for example the Lands of the rifling look on FB how many people call them Lans

As with everyone else it is Brake.

The day when you have both (“breaker breaker, we have us a brake breaker there,

good buddy”)


Yeah the answer seemed pretty obvious to me, but I have seen it written both ways so many times I thought it was worth asking the question.

Also I dun did fink sum-one wood like get my “gramma nazi” jest :joy:

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