Mt Cole Deer Sanctuary

There has been a bit of discussion around the web about the Mt Cole Deer Sanctuary, Where it is and isn’t. above shows a map of the sanctuary that obtained from local staff at the department of name changes.
I was also informed that there has been Government discussion about removing the sanctuary status, but I have no idea when that might be. a public campaign could help to speed it up though maybe?

I dont understand why there is a Deer sanctuary. I thought that deer were not an Australian native and were classed as feral. Why is there a sanctuary to protect them. Maybe we need Bunny sanctuarys

Its a left over from the colonial days, when fine gentlemen wanted their sport protected from peasants like you and I. I guess with politicians not being able to work in a pay rise for themselves its legislation that has been somewhat forgotten about.
It seems to me that the dept responsible for it is too busy redesigning their letterheads to really do anything!

These updated GMA maps seem to remove the sanctuary status from a large section of the above map.

It looks like they opened up a lot of land to hound teams. That sucks balls.

You sure? There is hunting with a dog. And hounds. They are different.

Ye, I’ll need to double check but seems that way.

It is a bit confusing because of the colours they used. And would need to compare with the older maps.

I just disabled filters one by one. Easier on computer

@GUN-DMC i was just looking at the maps again. Mt Cole sanctuary is once again a sancuary for sambar. But Waterloo is still ok. Looks like someone made a boo boo. We will need to keep an eye on that. More changes could be i the pipeline.

I would take a screenshot of a map before you go. Just as a point in time thing.

@GUN-DMC @juststarting Too late. Huge area has been changed back to deer sanctuary

Doesn’t look to have changed back to me, maybe the map was glitching?

@GUN-DMC. Mt Cole was ok for sambar last week. But not now. Waterloo hasnt changed.

Or am i dreaming?

I think your dreaming, it’s only been ok for pests since the new maps came out

OK my mistake then. I could have sworm it bad been changed. Must be oldbugger syndrome. Lol…again. Thanks.