Mosins in 7.62x39?

There’s a Mosin that I’m interested in that coming to auction soon, specifically a Type 53.

What’s interesting though is that they’ve listed it to be in 7.62x39. I haven’t been able to find anything about this being something that was done by the factory other than Soviet experimental rifles in the 40’s. Seeing that this is from 50’s China, I don’t think it applies.

I finally managed to call them today, and they’re adamant that it’s correctly listed as 7.62x39. They did say that they weren’t sure if this was something done by the factory though.

Is this something any of you guys have ever heard of?

There are very few rifles I count myself well versed in but the Type 53 is one of them.

I have never heard of them in anything other than 7.62x54R. They were out of date from the factory and there was no reason to change them. Mine was part of the first test batch and was still in use in the late 70s or early 80s with the people’s militia and it is still all original.

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I have never heard of it but I am far from an expert. Maybe it was done by someone here for some reason ?

Just out of interest, would you be willing to share the listing? If like to see it and check the date etc.


Item 70 here

The price is the estimated auction price. Tbh, the best theory I can come up with is that some Chinese farmer did it themselves after the fact to use whatever ammo was available.

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I’ve been able to find a little more, and apparently the Finnish did it in limited numbers.

Supposedly the M/56 was only experimental as well.

Thanks for that, I didn’t know that catalogue was up.

If it were me, I would assume it has been done unofficially, either in China or upon import into Australia in an effort to make it more marketable.

Keep in mind, unless you can show it was done on some official level, it removes any collectable value of the rifle. You may not care about that, and that’s totally fine, but keep it in mind.

I wouldn’t purchase it for that price but as you say, it’s a guide.


I’m still haven’t 100% made up my mind. I’m not super bothered about it being collectible or not, far more interested in shooting it, but the indicated price doesn’t look great.

I haven’t been able to find other Type 53s though. I tried Owen’s Guns, but apparently the 2 he has left are in such bad condition he doesn’t want to sell them without me coming in person to look at them.

Great, now I know they made a 91/30 in 12ga…

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Is there a reason you want a Type 53 specifically? For that price you could get a factory refurbished 91/30 if you hunt around.

Then why buy an old, abused, inferior rifle in every way imaginable for super inflated price?

Give me $600, I will find one, give you legit Chinese 7.62x54R milsurp ammo (turns out I have a bit) and let you shoot it for a day :slight_smile:

7.62x39 is like a bee’s fart, compared to a flame thrower that is a 7.62x54R from a short barrel. I used to own a Mosin carbine, that shit is insane compared to soviet-223.

They are not comparable experiences.

Keep searching or pop an ad on used guns. I am sure there will be dudes in QLD who would love to offload their old pig stickers.

DM sent, :wink: You’re welcome.

Right on My Type 53 is the definition of unpleasant.

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Off the bench it’s unpleasant, but offhand it’s an epic gun.

@Nomis - I’m interested in Chinese milsurp firearms. I think it would be cool to own and shoot stuff that my ancestors owned and shot at one point in history. Same reason why I’m looking for a Chinese Mauser, though I’ve never found one.

@juststarting - Sorry, I didn’t phrase that the best. I meant I’m not bothered that it doesn’t have collectors value for someone else, or for the wider market. It has enough value for just me.

Good idea on posting an ad though. I might do so a little while later. I think someone else recently put a wanted ad for one.

Obviously, the full fat 7.62x54R would be the best to own, I just haven’t been able to find any ads for one.

Thanks for the DM ad though, I’ll call them tomorrow. Are there any other places I should try? I’ve heard Claremont and Lawrence Ordinance have Mosins for sale. Maybe they might have a Chinese one.

I know what you mean (and why you want it), but does it hold value to your though? You want something specific and what’s offered is nothing like that. The chambering is wrong, which is kind of a big deal, if you want to see what was actually shot. You are settling and giving up. I am telling you that there are heaps around, you just need to look proactively (e.g. call around, place an ad).

Re: someone placing an ad… Yeah, “looking for asian guns” - I’ve seen that one. And a shitty picture, doubt it’s going to get a lot of responses. Who knows, maybe. When you sound like a collector, people want to sell you things at collector prices. By the way, speaking of, that arms auction, add a few hundred dollars and then 18% on top (auction fees and taxes), that will be the actual price.

Whenever I placed a “wanted” ad, I was specific, I included a good photo and I got responses. One thing I did notice is that there were a few people who wanted to call and talk about their awesome collection and how someone told them once that this was the rarest of the rare guns and you will never find one like that and please let me keep talking for an hour and tell you what shade my socks were the day I found this gun for $30 in 1953. True story (minus the socks), happened a couple of times. I stopped listing my phone number. The moment I did that, just contact via website (up to a week in my experience) were all legit sellers and I always found what I was looking for.

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I cant find any explination of the condition terms used. I can guesse the vg = very good and f is probably fair not f***ked. Some of the others I have no idea.

What specifically, @sungazer ?

That would be a fun gun to shoot, no rimmed case to get hung up either.

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