Mosin Nagant 91/30 sight adjustment

Uh, bask in the glory of this old war horse! Mosin Nagant 91/30 in polite gentle chambering of 7.62x54R, because sometimes the enemy is hiding behind the fridge, in a different room, in a house across the street.


Anyhow! I thought I’d post something practical here. There are rumours that the original, Russian 91/30 is sighted in with a bayonet, because it was assumed that the bayonet (which I also have and it’s also awesome) will always be attached. As far as I know, the soldiers weren’t issued with a scabbard/frog or anything to carry it in.

Well, the rumours are true.

The front sigh and the post have an alignment notch, so to speak, carved vertically across both of them, so it’s easy to align them.


However, taking to front sights with hammer on a 75 year old war abused rifle is not something I am keen on, also, I am too lazy to remove it from the stock, unless I absolutely have to (on occasion, I do).

So here’s a good alternative:


Mosin sight adjustment tool. You can buy an actual original precision adjustment tool, but they are quite dear. Cool, but expensive and worth nothing to anyone but a collector. This one was USD28.60 from eBay (inc. shipping).

Stay tuned for review and experience (in about a month).


Quick updated, tool has arrived. It will be at least 3 weeks until I get a chance to do anything with it, I need to do some reloading first. However, here it is.

Can’t fault it yet.

I prefer to use the traditional Russian Armourers Tool for Mosin sight adjustments-l500

Just as an aside, several countries including Finns and Bulgarians used scabbards for their 91 and 91/30 bayonets, and these are fairly easy to find. I have 1 for my Finn m91 bayonet and the Hungarian all steel scabbard waiting for the Hungarian issued bayonet to come one day. Russia, neither Imperial nor Soviet, never issued a scabbard as far as anyone in the collectors world knows to date, Cheers.