Mosin M38 (also not mine)

…well, it is mine, one of them, just not this one. Mine I actually purchased to learn gun smithing so to speak, with full intent on destroying it. turns out, polishing the firing pin and re-oiling it worked like a charm. this is one of my favourite plinkers with full loads, when there just needs to be a few fireballs thrown or Trail Boss.

Mosin M38 is an interesting beast. It’s a carbine version of 91/30 (a few people here are familiar with mine quite well :slight_smile: )

Anyhow, M38 is the middle child of 91/30 and M44. Usually they come in best condition of all Mosins, as long as stamped year is 44 or 45. Beyond that, meh, if it’s not a war Mosin, it’s not a Mosin and prior to that, they are a bit worn. That said, I do have a 91.30 from 1943, which seems fine, other than a sticky bolt, but I chose to keep it as is. Anyway, I digress, as usual. M38 is actually somewhat of a rare find. It’s not a cut down 91/30, but a true carbine, first in the series of shorter Mosin rifles, afaik. Easy way to tell the original from not so original (but factory refurbished) is to look at the right side of the stock. Original does not have grove cut in the stock for a folding bayonet. If it does, it’s a refurbished M38 with M44 stock.

Cool little thunder maker, I got mine from Clearmont too, bit slow having the WAsyndrome, but easy to deal with guys that delivered a few things to yours truly thus far (and will hand pick a good or specific ‘specimen’ on request).

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Very nice, must get a 38 one day, just seems to be other things getting in the way. Until then I have the 91/30 and the 44 to play with, as well as the PU and the Finns. If you like the noise and muzzleflash of these carbines I humbly suggest you aquire a Columbian Police Carbine also, the 17.5 inch barre/ in 30-06 is a doozy! I agree Claremont are a good mob to deal with, and very honest in their descriptions, Cheers.

I should get one while reasonably cheap. So many rifles on the “to get” list.

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