Mosin ammo - spam can

@Nomis, you know…

Looks either Bulgarian or Yugoslavian… My money on Bulgaria. If he let’s it go for $450, if I were you and if you want a spam can of mosin ammo, this is it.

This is corrosive AF and very hot. Would NOT shoot, but to complete the set, this is your chance :slight_smile:

I think its Bulgarian. The 10 in the circle on the lid is their code , if I remember rightly.

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Haha, I was literally about to post this on here! As much as I want it, it isn’t going to happen.

I’m interested to see if any more comes in when the Russia/Ukraine shit show ends. I’ve seen videos online of pallets of the things being unpacked there.

It is it that our regulations changed and so they can never be imported again?

It’s not our regulation, it’s international law and sanctions… :roll_eyes: