More pumpies for AusTac

@AusTac $300 22LR Savage or $4,000 worth of Timberwolf in 357. Get on it, you know you want one.

That timberwolf would be stacks of fun!

But $4K? FMD

Yeah… :confused:

Hence I very much doubt I’ll ever get to play with one :sob:

I went through so much ammp that time with yours :joy: i could do alot of better things with 4gs though!

No, 4k is 357mag, there are cheap 22s also, get one.

Still gotta buy your press first, than a remy 700 in 300win mag, then a straight pull 12g and then maybe, just maybe a pump .22

Yeah the timberwolf is cool, but for the money I’d go an Alfa carbine in 357 any day.

You mean literally, 22LR, 357 and 9mm all for the price of that Timberwolf

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