More crazy parents shooting kids...

Again… Reading these makes me want to puke. Just gut wrenching.

Article says ‘domestic’, but as a father, I can’t imagine anyone doing this, unless they are in a some serious depths of depression or psychoses. Just sad.

Yeah js it doesn’t make any sense. :disappointed:

Poor kids and poor mum who has to live with it!
The father has been found dead.

Pretty fucked up!
I can’t even imagine how bad life would have to be to start thinking that’s an option.

You have to wonder how it builds up to something like that. Back in the day when a loaded gun was in the front coat cupboard, I could imagine a raging temper with mom and dad screaming at each other and one or the other grabbing it never meaning for it to go off sort of thing. (one of the reasons for the storage requirements these days) However with todays laws checks and balances that if an AVO has been put in place ect I would have thought that would stop a lot of spur of the moment things.
Truly messed up.

It doesn’t sound like it was a spur of the moment…

Unfortunately looks like he’s just decided that this is what will hurt his ex the most. I honestly hope I never understand how these type of tragedies happen.


Yep. It would be a worry if we could understand it.

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