Moments of Truth

Today is the “Day” for those of us who collect as well as shoot. The Day money talks and bull walks. It is Auction Day. The first 286 lots will go under the hammer tonight starting a 6pm and the rest tomorrow. i have an interest in 26 lots tonight, with a strong desire for 2 of them. On Sunday I have a strong interest in 3 items which will empty the gun budget for months, but I don’t care. let Poverty stalk my halls, I shall sequester in some dark corner with my 19th Century military rifles and may “common sense” and “be reasonable” go F themselves, See ya 'round!


Good luck!
Hope you manage to oick up what youre after. :wink::+1:

Good luck. We want photos of any new additions

Now that is a motto to live your life by!
Good luck mate, we can wait for pics of your wins.

We want photos. Did you feel any PTAs preemptively? :wink:

So the day is done, Like every time I have a couple I wanted, missed a few that others wanted more, and bought one I never considered. There were a few serious bargains to be had, as well as a few real “head scratches”, especially in the No1 MkIII area. Cleaver was punting all the Colts very hard, paid big money for some. The bargain of the day was a friend grabbing a Rem 700 in 338 Lapua for $395 all up, and the Remington 1911 RI for $280 (current retail $1395). For me,
Mauser M71

Swiss Vetterli M1878
Swedish M96 Target with Soderin sight
Finn M24
And this odd M38 with a 10 rnd trench magazine


Now that’s a nice looking collection. Did you get all of the ones that you had your eye on?

No mate, gazumped heavily on the Guedes rifle, as well as the Gras, and worn down on the Spencer Carbine. Next time.

Bugger, still you got some beauties there.
I was interested in the Swiss Vetterli M1878 and was doing some reading on it. They are one interesting rifle and their carbine version looks good. Also liked the Model 1881 Stutzer with its dual triggers.

What was the deal with the No1 mk3’s? Any common thread to them place of manufacture? year?

I’d love one of those 71’s. I have a couple of 12ga conversions but a rifle would be cool as. how much did it go for if you don’t mind me asking?

Very nooooice. So the question is, are they going to get loaded for and shot?

that’s a pretty silly question

Well, yeah… Little jealous.

I paid 2K for the M71, I felt the value was there as it is all matching number

Couldn’t see any reason to it sungazer, for instance a British MkIII in nice shooting condition dated 1916 sold for $170, while another Enfield,MkIII*, same year, pulled $700? Surely the star modification isn’t $500 in fact the MkIII is less common. Or an all matching Lithgow MkIII dated 1917 getting $1200 and another all matching Lithgow MkIII making $200 less. The 1928 matching Lithgow made $2600 yet I bought a 1926 last week for $350. It makes no sense to me.

Addex a few more to the museum of shooting irons, i see. Good stuff! :grin::+1:

Well done no.1, very nice pieces. The two Swedes are incredible. I never knew a trench mag existed for an M38. Is it removable? Does it use a different bottom metal?