Modifying Firearms - Fixed Magazine on Break Action

Thought this was mega cool, and it got me thinking about whether you could do something like this here.

Basically when you break open the shotgun, it feeds another round in, and you can snap it shut straight away.

It doesn’t look mega complex either - the patent looks like it’s a couple of bits that you can source and build yourself.

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Saw thar video it looks pretty cool, but i think it would feel really funky on a single shot, i’ve got a single barrel 12g and its light as, with that hunk of metal on the side it would kind of ruin the balance and feel i reckon

An interesting project but not a very practical idea really.

I want one just because I like cool, odd mechanical shit.


Seems to work well but it is bloody hideous.

Yeah I would buy it for the collection and probably take it hunting, but only because I’m a hipster.


It looks awesomely steampunk, but I can’t help but think it probably cost more than the gun back when it was invented.

Be worth a lot more than that H&R is now, that’s a $100 shottie, I bet he wouldn’t sell me that contraption for a couple hundred bucks.

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The guns cost the equivalent of about $550 back in the 1920s when new, and even if someone wanted to make one of those loaders new from scratch today I can’t see them charging less than about $300 for it.

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True - I guess all up, it’s probably better value to get a new straight pull.

Still would be fun to do it just to tinker with, and have something wacky and unique.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the steampunk aesthetic of it and it clearly works, but it’s not practical except as a novelty nowadays.

Interestingly though, a pump-action shotgun (Winchester 1897) cost the equivalent of about $2500 in 1922, so it probably would have been a relatively economical way to convert the single-shot 12ga every farm had into a repeater by comparison.


A more detailed video if anyone wants to get this into production so I can buy one.


I know it’s a necro, but it looks like we might see one commercially made.

Found this on the Sulun Arms FB page (The homies that make the Tac-12)

Apparently going to be for sale this year. These Sulun peeps really be trying to take all our money.


I think i need this in my life.