Model Cannon barrel making....

Makes me keen! Check this out @bentaz


That’s brilliant. I’d love one, especially in 12ga.
Set it up on a rabbit warren with a long string. Lol


You can do that with your shotgun now but.

Yeah but over here in Australia we can have more than one toy.
Ive shot bunnys with .177, .22, .222, .410, 7.7Jap, 357Mag, 20ga, 16ga, 12ga and .64 musket. I think cannon would look good on that list.


I’ve got a couple of those little cannons that my Pop made, one of them is brass a barrel about 200mm long and the other’s steel probably about 50mm.
I’ll dig them out & take a couple of photos, the big one fires but i’ve never tried the small one, the big one’s missing one of its brass wheels, i lost it somehow years ago when i used to play with them as a kid, been meaning to get another wheel machined up for years lol.


Yeah but then you can’t say “I shot it with a cannon”!

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