Mobile phone repeaters

I’m living way out of town with the highest point on this part of the great divide just outside my back door and Telstra, in their infinite wisdom, put the nearest phone tower in a valley two ridges away.
Consequently my phone signal is up and down like a tart’s knickers depending on weather, and this causes my phone to be constantly searching for a signal and chewing the battery.
Today I spent 45min wandering the front paddock waving the phone around looking for a signal, finally found one and 2min into the conversation the signal lobe wandered off and I haven’t yet found it.

I’ve been looking at signal booster/repeaters of late and as usual there’s a wide selection from the obviously worthless $98 jobbies from ebay to the jaw droppingly expensive ones offered by the various telcos.

I can sometimes get weak 4g, often weak 3g and usually there’s an H comes up on the notification at the top of the screen.
Does anyone here have experience/advice on this issue?

I live on a similar fringe acceptable most of the time though. Lot of calls go through to message bank rather than the phone ringing more than once if at all. I had a look for the same type of devices which are not really legal. So your taking a big risk at being conned.

I’m in the very same situation and after buying an evilbay special that had “Aussie as, all approved” plastered all over the ad, we were happy with the results. Telstra however, was not. Turns out, none of the ones on evilbay are approved, they all cause disruption to the services and are actually illegal.
After a visit from a government employee driving what could have been mistaken for one of those Yank Stormchaser vehicles, we were given a official warning, I can’t remember the potential fine but it wasn’t small, and asked to remove the unit. Unfortunately, Fucking Telstra, (if you haven’t seen it Carl Barron - Uncultured - YouTube) is the only authorised supplier of boosters and they 'aint cheap.

Thanks guys, that’s what I was afraid of.

Fucking Telstra indeed.

The tower is located on the property of, surprise surprise the richest dude in the area, who coincidently also has the best piece of road that gets more maintenance in a year than the rest of the shire’s had in decades.

I got a slew of texts at 5.15 that had been queued on the sytem taunting me with how many calls I’d missed none of which I can return until Monday.

I had success with a 100 cheapy off ebay too. Telstra havnt turned up in the storm chaser yet, mine points at a neighbouring joint that has a fancy 1200 buck thing from telsta.

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I’ve got an X wave booster that telstra sell. Work got it for me so i can actually have an online meeting while working from home.

Works great and must get priority over the other phones in the area because it’s 4m off the ground.

What about a Cell-Fi Go, a few mates have them in the 4wds and they work great, they won’t find a signal if there’s not one, but if you’ve got the slightest bit of reception they boost the shit out of it and it’s like you’re in the middle of town.
We were up the beach over the past few days in a shit to no reception area and everyone had to turn their cellfi’s off so the phones would stop ringing and we could get some peace lol.

I’ll look into that, thanks mate.

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That’s the name I was trying to remember. Xwave is the app used to set them up.

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I have had that problem for years on my old place, I went and built an aerial to stick on roof and plugged my mobile broadband unit into it, no landline, actually went for a tower further away as closest was in a gully. I could plug my phone in as well, current phone will use my mobile Nighthawk wifi if no signal, can buy an aerial easy enough to do the job, use this site to get details of your tower; Radio Frequency National Site Archive


G’day Salty

Welcome aboard.

Thanks for that suggestion, I’ll check it out, it’s actually gotten worse.
Normally it’s weather related but even in today’s perfect weather I had to wander the paddock in front of the house this morning just for my phone to register on the network.

I read the other day that even with Vlad The Defenestrator’s fuckery, Ukraine has faster mobile service than Sydney or Melbourne.
Ahh, living in the lucky country.


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Salty, you LEGEND!!!

Your suggestion I ring that telstra number saved me spending a fecktonne on a repeater.

After wandering the house paddock, waving my phone about like a lost loon, I got on to telstra, actually 3 times because the signal kept moving🤬 and a lovely young lady did some investigating and discovered the tower has had a dead node since September.

Hopefully :pray::crossed_fingers: they’ll eventually extract digit from anus and fix it.

Thanks champion.