Miserable day motivations...

Cold and wet today, so I’m going to try and get motivated to do some reloading.

That is all.

You should be over here. It’s a lovely 23 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, a very gentle breeze. Absolutely perfect, well it would be if I was not at work. :tired_face:

Was a bit hot out in the sun at the range today. 31 and sunny. Took the new shottie out and missed a few clays :man_facepalming:

I went hunting Sambar deer today 15 minutes from home…in the rain. Didn’t see anything but found a nice wallow which needs further investigation.

Even has a well worn path leading to it.

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I shot a few targets with the .22 until the wind got a bit much. I had to go outside to set the target. But I actually shoot from inside the house. I should have taken a picture!!

The wife was home. The .22 doesn’t bother her much. She gets a bit tired of the noise of the bigger bang sticks.