Military gems a friend has..

Hi any interest??
600 plus post for the 1899 Enfield.
1100 plus post for the Smoothbore Snider is bored to 20g shotgun.
Both are VGC to EXC…the fellow is only selling them because of ailments, and his children have no interest…
Prices are firm, but fair i believe…
Contact me for his contact details…
Cheers MJ

Im still infighting with myself, about the Enfield…hmmm

I’m interested in the Enfield.

bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Ooooh I am not going going to cast, I am not going to form brass, I am not going with unique calibres, no no no
Also: yes, I want it. lmao

He want the Enfield, not the Snider lol

Uh, my bad, pfft, lamer.

Geez man, put your glasses on

I know, I know, shut up.

Well technically they are both Enfield pattern rifles…lol

It’s ok, I don’t need a cancellation prize lol.

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I will.give you a big hug next time i see you…See im.not grumpy

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One for @bentaz ??

Im pretty sure that was mine mate!

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Haha its in SA now then! Good thing?

Ok then, not mine. Mine went to RF Scotts in Nov.
A great bunny buster :+1::beers:

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Ainsley Fox 12g SXS not sure of price as yet. Made in Philadelphia, High end i believe, Theodore Roosevelt had one tbat sold for $825,000 USD.

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Google it, they are premium in the USA about 8/9000 USD I think you would get this one a lot cheaper, and its pristine

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The Americans love AH Fox shotguns for some reason.

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