MH12 Double Barrel Straight Pull Shotgun!

Stolen from FB, on the way or already here in Oz

LMAO - is this not a fuck you to GCA or what!

That said, that would be one heavy mofo, pulling that straight-pull lever on 2 bolts, daaaamn, Something I almost never do, but! I don’t think even I would be interested in this. However, would love to shoot it.

Oh, no, seems like it is available for pre-order, $1999 Oh man, I am laughing here at this. This is like level up tactical zombie slayer. Could it be, I just found my tacticool threshold LMAO

I found out about this at my LGS today when I went to pick up my shotgun. I was going to post it on here but then couldn’t remember the name of the bloody thing!

My LGS ordered 3 and they all sold so he’s ordered another 3 and one of them has sold. First lot arriving in September.

I love it. Like I hate it, but I love it. And I’m definitely not getting one and have no use for one at all and its way out of budget… But I want one.

I’m a confused individual.

Omg and it can hold 12 shots because it’s spread across two magazines. This is hilarious.

That is ridiculously stupid.

But I sort of want one anyway…

For anyone interested, there are plenty of YouTube videos out there of people using them overseas where they are sold as a pump action.

It is as insane as it looks.

I want it, but I don’t want it. I’m conflicted too, Nomis. I’m definitely not getting one, but I want one, just to go to the range with it.

I love the “fuck you GCA” angle of it, but man that thing is stupid.

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I approve this firearm. I’m not sure what it’s purpose is , but I want want as well.
Would possibly go well in 3 gun.

Seems there’s already a thread about this bad boys

Bloke from Darwin SSAA has one. Unbelievable.

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Someone scored a bargain!

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I held one the other day when I visited Recoil Firearms.

They’re heavy as fuck, and wide as hell as well. Not the easiest thing to hold for a long period.

Though maybe I’m just a little sook lmao.

Just looking at it I think it would be a pig of a thing to handle too.

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Your probably right, but I can’t resist lol… Hey, you da one that said “long period”… lol

Bahahaha, just taking the piss brother… :laughing: :beers: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :beers:


ooof burn

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@juststarting… One of the best things about our mob is that you can poke em really hard withh a big stick or “whatever” :astonished: and its all taken with chuckles and giggles… No soft cocks here…

XOX :kissing::kissing_smiling_eyes::sunglasses:


It needs a carry handle, and to be slung at hip level like some 70’s Vietnam war m60.

Has anyone shot one yet???


Very heavy, really only suited to vehicular use…great fun though!

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Mmmmm, I am getting a D-Max…? :thinking:

Technical? TECHNICAL!

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Now you have tempted @JizzFlinger , he will be ordering one very soon lol

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