Meat Eater Season 3 now on Netflix

As the title says, Season 3 of Meat Eaters is now on Netflix.

A clever and sensible bloke.

Never seen it before, might have to have a look at it when I get home on Wednesday.
I gather it is more about hunting than a cooking type show.

Mostly hunting, maybe an 80 / 20 split. He usually cooks at the end if the hunt is successful.

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Yeah, mostly hunting but has a big focus on the hunt rather than the kill. He also has a big focus on game management issues and cooking. He is a great advocate for habitat and game management as a conservation tool. I get that he’s not everyone’s glass of whisky but I have got a lot of time for him, the show and his podcasts.

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I think the hunt is the main enjoyment, after the kill it is almost a bit of a let down.
I used to see how close I could get to wild goats before they knew I was there, many hours of fun.

Yeah I love reading about how people “need” something to shoot goats several hundred metres away. I often get within 20m, and have reached out and grabbed a small billy by the horns as it walked past…

Speaking off, Life Below Zero - new season is airing…

Well we watched the first 6 episodes of season one and am enjoying it though the missus wasn’t to sure about eating the monkey.

Still haven’t watched it. I’ll check it out.

New season now on Netflix!

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