Mauser sniper super gun (analysis needed by milsurp guys)

So I am seeing this:

…and I am thinking, is it me or did someone slapped a Mosin PU mount on a Mauser and called it good? Looks like a repro mount too. There’s just a lot going on in that pic that smells wrong. Am I missing something?

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I thought the same thing. Forgotten Weapons has a video about these. Yugoslav M52 Sniper: East Meets West – Forgotten Weapons


Dunno…looks like one of those Chagant mounts, for Nagant PU Snipers…(Chinese Nagant mount) Looks very Corona to me too…and its something you wouldnt do to an M48, if thats what it is…

check out the video above, seems legit

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Yeah, ok sounds about right!

Learned something new.

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