Master key and executive decisions

…or what happens when you leave your keys at home.

Yep. Leatherman master key did the trick.

I discovered my shitty Bunnings padlock could be opened by pretty.much any key with some jiggling.

Nice work @juststarting, been there done that :grin: so now all the locks on my gear that leave the house are combination ones, so hopefully unless i get hit up the head with a lump of 4x2 and lose my marbles i shouldn’t have an issue.

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I had a combination look on my powder cupboard… forgot the combination… 2 sec with my Milwauke angle grinder… and now I have another one… it was a decent sized one as well

No they’re not very secure, but then no padlock is against an angle grinder, that’s why i only use them for locking stuff in transit to keep the boys in blue happy, the containers are either with me or locked in the car. anyway, but gun cases and ammo boxes can just be carried away so really a lock is useless anyway, but like i said they cover your a$$ legally.

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Lol that’s true… locked up gun case… just walks by