Mass protest... Extinction rebtards

For those of us who work in the city… She’s just saying what the rest of us are thinking. Good on her for doing her job. Nice to know that some people still have an opinion and the guts to say it.

Yeah, the protests have been awful. Had to walk from the city to Kew the other day because they blocked the 48.

Literally 101 places better to protest at than in the middle of traffic.

It’s all happening here today. LOL. What do we want?
Tear gas!
When do we want it?
Now, before my coffee.

Dickheads chained themselves to a boat on Elizabeth street in Brisbane CBD this morning. One fuckwit blocked the trains By chaining himself to the line yesterday.

Now Kerry Anne needs to back up her words with her car!

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There’s never one of these around when you need it.